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I recently had a reading with Catherine at a particularly difficult time in my life. Catherine was so warm and caring and provided me with valuable insight and the spiritual guidance I was searching for. Catherine connected with a loved one, who had recently passed and helped me to feel more at ease with my current life circumstances. Her energy was pleasant and reassuring. Thankyou Catherine, I am looking forward to our next "chat".

JanelleSeptember 2019

A first time experience for me.
It's the feeling you walk away with afterwards; the comfort, the love.
Thanks Cathy

CherylSeptember 2019

Cathy was so warm and friendly. I wa blown away by her connection to the spirit world and her ability to interpret and relay the messages. Cathy has a very special gift and I left feeling like I’d spent an hour with and old friend.
Highly recommend!

KateMay 2019

Catherine has a great energy about her and made me feel very comfortable.

As someone who is quite skeptical, I believe that Catherine is definitely in touch with the spiritual world and she has given me a great feeling of peace.

The messages that she interpreted and passed on to me were spot on and I am so glad that I went and saw her today!

RebeccaMay 2019

I had a reading with Cathy and she was very welcoming and made you feel comfortable and at ease.Cathy was very accurate with a lot of information that resonated with me. I have been to other clairvoyants and must say Cathy was by far the most accurate with information that she couldn’t have possibly known. It was very comforting knowing my loved ones were so near. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone. Thank you for your wonderful insight Cathy. Looking forward to my next reading.

KathyMay 2019

This was my first visit to see Catherine. I was straight away put at ease with her warm and caring attitude, which made me feel comfortable to be there. She provided me with some much needed clarity on what life was all about for me and things to look forward to in the future. Looking forward to visiting again in the future.

SueMay 2019

I recently had my first spiritual mediumship reading with Cathy and I can honestly say that I walked away with such a sense of comfort, that I had not felt in a very long time.
Cathy instantly put me at ease with her warm and welcoming nature, and her ability to offer accurate details and insight of my loved one was astounding.
I can’t thank you enough Cathy for this experience, and I will whole heartedly recommend you to anyone in the future.

SusanMay 2019

Hi Cathy,
Thank you so much for the reading you did for me last week.
It was a wonderful experience and you blew me away with the connections you made with my loved ones, and how accurate the validations were.
I was really assured that they are still with me.
You are a lovely person, very kind and gentle.
I would recommend Cathy to anyone wanting to reconnect with passed loved ones.
I look forward to seeing Cathy again in the future.

JeanetteFebruary, 2019

Thanks for my reading Cathy. You made me feel so comfortable and your information was spot on. It was lovely to feel connected with my Grammy again. I look forward to seeing you again when I feel the need for guidance and direction.

HelenFebruary, 2018

Catherine is a very gifted Spirit medium, I’ve done a couple of Skype reading with her and she has been very on point with personal details. Catherine is lovely, caring and very compassionate and I live for tarot Tuesday.

CaraApril, 2018

I have had several readings with Cathy and each time have made connections with family members who have passed. Cathy is very compassionate and has great energy and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

LeighApril, 2018

I received a beautiful reading from Catherine. Her information was spot on! I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you again Catherine.

LaurenApril, 2018

I was able to walk away feeling assured that my passing members were at peace and I was happy to hear many memories from my childhood and future insight to many positive possibilities!

Brought me to tears in a good way! Definitely recommend Cathy for her sessions - thanks Cathy!

JanelleAugust 2019

I met Cathy yesterday for a medium reading with deceased family. Cathy put me at easy immediately and bought through very accurate information that was only known by my family in spirit. Cathy has an extraordinary gift and I left extremely happy to have had validation my family is still with me every day.

RobinAugust 2019

Cathy really helped assure me that my loved ones were at peace which helped me a lot in moving forward. Everything was so accurate! Highly recommend.

AmyMay 2019

Having never been to a psychic before I am so very glad i found Cathy.
Cathy made me feel completely at ease with her warm and welcoming demeanor.
Our session was insightful and there were many moments where i felt very emotional and so happy with what Cathy was telling me.
I recommend Cathy wholeheartedly for anyone looking to get in touch with their loved ones who have passed.
Thank you so much Cathy.

TaniaFebruary 2019

Truly amazing session which connected me with a family member who was a significant influence in my life. Cathy’s session provided me with comfort, guidance and strength at a time when I was feeling particularly stressed and vulnerable. Thank you Cathy.

RobynApril, 2018

Catherine is good at what she does. It is evident that she cares about giving a good reading. She is accurate, kind, compassionate and the real deal. Anyone looking for a feel-good, cathartic and life-changing experience should contact her.

LeroyApril, 2018

Beautiful soulful medium who is accurate in conveying your loved ones story.. i have had evidence of this telling and my tears just rolled down my cheek.. thank you Cathy.

SarahApril, 2018

I have seen Cathy twice now and I am amazed at the accuracy of her readings. The first visit was a combination of mediumship and a card readings. I was so amazed with how accurate Cathy could describe the people that were coming through.

Both visits Cathy was definitely on the mark with what was happening in my life past , present and future. I would not hesitate to recommend Cathy as a medium, clairvoyant to get some clarity on anyone’s life. Thankyou Cathy!!!

GinaAugust, 2018

I just want to to say thank you for the insightful way you brought through my loved ones, I felt at ease with how you asked me had I ever been to a medium and psychic before, and you took time in telling me what I should expect. But also, how every choice in life comes with my ability to have free will without fear or favour.

You captured the essence of those you brought through, from my father to great aunt and uncle, you were able to tell me about their personalities, and their connection to me, and also memories of what we did together when I was a kid. Amazingly, also, how they died. You were sensitive to who I am and what I wanted and needed to hear from my relatives, thank you.

When I needed a direction you were able to give me insightful options through you psychic ability to my future job, I so desperately needed and wanted to get, which I now have and absolutely love every minute of it, thank you Cathy.


Catherine has such an amazing accurate and illuminating ability in being able to have a strong and clear connection with family members who have passed over. I received many validations and supportive messages and also great insight and guidance from the messages Cathrine was able to translate for me. This was my first Medium Reading and I found the whole process inspiring, uplifting and life confirming in knowing that my belief that our family is still with us guiding, supporting and loving us unconditionally while being over the other side of the veil. I would highly reconmend Catherine to anyone needing clarity and guidance.


I have no major health issues, besides the usual age related aches and pains. But after undergoing just one session of Reconnective Healing with Cathy I was amazed at how invigorated I felt. Not so much immediately after but certainly after 24 hours; my aching back just disappeared and I generally felt terrific. Cathy offers a very peaceful and relaxing treatment.


Recently had a reading for both my partner and my friend Catherine was on point with everything even bringing things up from my childhood that I had forgotten!
Would defo recommend was absolutely incredible 😁

JayJuly 2019

I left my reading feeling happy with all that came from it . Some interesting things popped up which I can’t wait to follow up on. Thank you Cathy .

TimJune 2019

Hi Cathy, I wanted to thank you very much for your kindness, understanding, insight and generosity last night. I felt so comfortable talking to you as if I'd known you for a long time. After leaving you, I felt more settled and slept very well, Hope to see you again in West Leederviille! Thanks again and best wishes.

JaneApril 2019

Fantastic experience, accurate and down to earth...if you’re seeking validation or needing reassurance your loved ones are with you check Catherine out....genuine and sincere does readings with utmost respect and love.

MihiApril, 2018

I have attended serveral of Cathy's group mediumship sessions and loved every one of them. Cathy works in a fantastic way that allows you to connect with the spirit world and relay validations that only you would know. Despite being a group session, she worked well with each person, but still mindful of getting around others.

She has great energy, and very compassionate in her manner. A great experience that I would highly recommend. Looking forward to the next one.

CourtnayApril, 2018

It was one of the amazing experiences I have ever had in my life. It was a very friendly environment and was very easy for me to unfold myself. Whatever she told me is coming true. Her work had already fascinate. Thank you very much Cathy for guidance.

WasimJuly, 2018

Thank you so much! you did an amazing job, it was really nice meeting you! I will be coming to see you again!

CourtneyNovember, 2018

A compassionate, skilled medium with a kind and gentle manner. Thank you Cathy.

JacquieApril, 2018

I had never had a psychic or tarot reading so wasn’t sure what to expect, but the details Cathy passed on were incredibly accurate and so comforting to me. I was amazed at the level of detail she provided and the very personal messages she could convey. I felt like a renewed person after our session and will treasure the experience.


I recently had a spiritual reading with Catherine Finch and was amazed with the accurate information she brought through about my father in law. She also gave messages from him which I found to be very relevant to my current circumstances. Catherine worked with sensitivity and sincerity and I would happily recommend her to anyone seeking guidance or connection with those in spirit.


Cathy is fantastic. She made me feel really comfortable and her reading style was very personal, meaningful, and accurate. I would highly recommend her services.

SaraNovember, 2018

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