If you haven’t followed TAROT TUESDAY,  it is a weekly card spread that I post on my facebook page   www.facebook.com/mediumcathy/ and my Instagram page Instagram/catherinefinch.spiritmedium/   There are 5 card pairs to choose from and the readings are in the text above, on my fb page and below on instag.

Although I don’t believe our future is set in stone and I do believe that we have free will, I am of the opinion we are influenced by the ENERGY around us at any particular time.  To me the cards reflect that energy and it is within that energy field that we make our decisions and move forward with our lives.

If you are interested in what energies may be affecting you on a weekly basis,  and would like to have a little fun, then like my facebook page or Instagram page and make your weekly card selection.

The card readings are for entertainment only.  (You should not make any major decisions based on the card readings)