Catherine does a variety of personal, skype and email readings and healings in Perth, Western Australia, and is available for Skype readings internationally including the USA and New Zealand.

** Prior to any payment, please contact Catherine here to book an appointment. Once booked you may choose to pay using the PayPal button, direct debit by contacting Catherine or pay in person on the day. **

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Mediumship, Psychic and Tarot Reading

During a reading I try to bring evidence and memories of their lives in the physical, as well as their messages and what they are seeing of this world now. My aim is to bring healing and upliftment to both the loved ones here and those in spirit. Readings can be a mixture of mediumship , psychic and tarot, however, that depends on the wishes of the sitter and also what the moment brings.

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Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is an alternative healing therapy, which is said to incorporate the healing frequencies of all other energy healings on the planet at this time. So it’s pretty powerful.

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The Reconnection

The Reconnection is often said to progress the evolution of your consciousness – to help you find your true life purpose.

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Soul Regression Therapy

This is a 2 part process consisting of a Past Life Regression and an “After Life” or “Between Life” Regression.  This takes place over 2 days with several days to weeks between each.

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